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Police officers take an oath to protect and serve, and this commitment is something we are eternally grateful for. To put one’s life on the line for the safety of others is a heroic act and deserves heroic responses. 

Unfortunately, in the world of home loans, many police officers struggle to receive financing. This is disappointing to those protecting us day in and day out. It’s also why we, at Heroes First Home Loans, have taken it upon ourselves to make sure police officers are treated as the heroes they are through our services.

While the average salary for police officers is around $67,000 (depending on the area of employment) the lowest paid make less than $38,000. That doesn’t leave much to save up for a home, let alone pay for a mortgage every month. So, what can be done to help our civil servants become homeowners?

The greatest thing that can be done to show police officer appreciation during the home buying process is to alleviate some of the financial stress. We take pride in offering no lender fees, as well as three-year accidental death and dismemberment protection up to $300,000. We also take the time to sit and understand each officer’s situation and figure out what the best option is when buying or refinancing a home.

Hearing from police officers about how difficult it is to get a home loan makes us work harder to show our appreciation and respect. For example, there is a former police officer who now works in the mortgage industry with us. He openly discussed what it was like for so many officers to be barely scraping by while trying to serve their communities. It reminded us why we are committed to serving those who serve us.

By working to help police officers get home loans that allow them to feel secure in their budget, we are also giving them the chance to feel at ease rather than on edge. Knowing that police officers are devoted to a profession that is not only stressful, but often dangerous, fuels our passion for making sure they’re being treated as the heroes they are. 

Beyond working hard to be lenders that police officers can trust to get the best financing options for them, Heroes First Home Loans wants to be a partner throughout the journey of homeownership. The relationship doesn’t end just because the home buying or refinancing is done. In fact, Sam Royer of Heroes First Home Loans has introduced the Helpers Act, a bill that will give first responders access to the same sort of mortgage financing available to veterans, including financing up to 100% of the price of the home.

This matters to us because we have been in uniform. Many of our team members have served our country in various ways which allows us to understand the financial struggle many officers face in a way many loan officers (and lenders) can’t.

Here’s what a recent client had to say about one of our loan officers, CJ Bobola, who is a Navy veteran and former police officer:

“CJ is the most knowledgeable person I know in the home financial service; he answered every question we had and revealed advantages to our process that we did not know were available to us. It’s great to have the right support when dealing with the most important investment of your life, and that is what CJ has done for us more than once.”

These words came from an active-duty military member and a healthcare professional who truly understood the importance of working with a loan officer who understands what it’s like to be on the front lines serving and protecting others.

We can guarantee that we understand and value the sacrifice police officers make for us, and that we will do everything in our power to make the path to owning a home as stress free and transparent as possible. Being able to own a home in the communities they serve shouldn’t be a far away goal for any police officer. It should be a dream they can easily make come true. Heroes First Home Loans is ready to help make that happen. We’re here for our heroes.

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