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Police officers take an oath to protect and serve, and this commitment is something we are eternally grateful for. To put one’s life on the line for the safety of others is a heroic act and deserves heroic responses. 

With law enforcement salaries starting around $40,000, buying a home can be a struggle in today's competitive market. Here at the Heroes First Team, we want our civil servants to feel confident when becoming a homeowner, despite fluctuating rates and tight inventory.  Our job is to make the home buying process easier. Here are a few ways we do that:

  •  We take pride in offering no lender fees, as well as three-year accidental death and dismemberment protection up to $300,000. 
  • We also offer Home Buyer Edge. This unique program provides our law enforcement with the competitive advantages necessary to win in the current real estate market. This program includes:

    -Rate Secured: This will allow you to cap your interest rate for 90 days while searching for your new home. That way, if rates go up, you won't have to worry. If rates go down, you'll be able to receive the lower rate~

    -Certified Home Buyer:  This positions you like a cash buyer. This allows most of your underwriting work to be done up front, making your offer more attractive to the seller.

    -$5,000 Seller Guarantee: If your offer falls through due to financing, we'll provide the seller with $5,000 in addition to the earnest money!

Beyond working to be lenders that law enforcement can count on for the best financing options, the Heroes First Team wants to be your partner through the homeownership process. The relationship doesn’t end just because the home buying or refinancing is done. 

This matters to us because we have been in uniform. Many of our team members have served our country in various ways which allows us to understand the financial struggle many officers face.

Here’s what a recent client had to say about one of our loan officers, CJ Bobola, who is a Navy veteran and former police officer:

“CJ is the most knowledgeable person I know in the home financial service; he answered every question we had and revealed advantages to our process that we did not know were available to us. It’s great to have the right support when dealing with the most important investment of your life, and that is what CJ has done for us more than once.”

These words came from an active-duty military member and a healthcare professional who truly understood the importance of working with a loan officer who understands what it’s like to be on the front lines serving and protecting others.

We understand and value the sacrifice police officers make for us, and our team will do everything in our power to make owning a home as stress free as possible. Being able to own a home in the communities they serve shouldn’t be a far away goal for any police officer.  The team at Heroes First is ready to help make that happen. 

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